Distiller's Range

Distiller’s Range
Distiller’s Range genuine distilling yeasts, nutrients and enzymes has been designed with craft distillers in mind, enabling you to design recipes with more freedom and creativity compared to pre-blended ingredients. For those wanting to ferment with genuine yeast strains, look no further. The full range is made up of four Yeasts, two Nutrients and two Enzymes.

Distiller’s Yeasts

Whiskey – A specialist active dried Whiskey distiller’s yeast producing an optimum congener profile for elegant, well-rounded and refined whiskey spirit for oak aging.

Gin – A particularly clean active dried yeast, especially selected for Gin production. This strain gives a neutral congener profile, making clean and crisp spirit alcohol perfect for showcasing your botanicals.

Vodka – A specialist active dried Vodka distiller’s yeast with an extremely low congener profile for production of rounded vodka spirit with a clean authentic finish.

Rum – A specialist active dried Rum distiller’s yeast. This strain produces an optimum congener profile for full-flavoured, smooth and rounded Rum spirit.

Distiller’s Nutrients

Dark Spirits – Yeast nutrient blend especially formulated for enhanced congener production during fermentation of alcohol for dark spirits.

Light Spirits – Yeast nutrient blend especially formulated for reduced off-flavour production during fermentation of alcohol for light/white spirits.

Distiller’s Enzymes

Glucoamylase – Glucoamylase is a fungal-derived enzyme which breaks down dextrins into simple sugars.

High Temperature Alpha-amylase – Alpha-amylase is a bacterially-derived enzyme which breaks down starch into dextrins and simple sugars

See the Distiller’s Range BOOKLET for more information, including recipes.

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