Premium Whisky Yeast


Premium Whisky Yeast is a specialty Whisky yeast which will highlight malt flavours from all grain mashes. Contains Glucoamylase Enzyme.

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Premium Whisky Yeast

  • Clean and Sterilise all equipment. You will need a fermenter with a capacity preferably greater than 25 L, a stirring paddle and an airlock
  • Use with 6 KG of sugar or for best results use 2.5 KG of liquid light malt extract and 4.5 KG of dextrose. This yeast is ideal to use with all grain mashes
  • Prepare 21 L of warm water at 35 degrees. Add your fermentables (sugars) and stir until completely dissolved. This can take some time and effort. Add this yeast sachet and stir gently
  • Ferment for a minimum of 7 days, malt extracts will will need additional fermentation time
  • Ideal fermentation temperature is 20 – 26 degrees
  • When fermentation has finished use Pure Distilling Crystal Clear to prepare the wash for distillation
  • When distilling, ensure the use of Distilling Conditioner as the wash will tend to foam
  • The final spirit will benefit and colour from soaking on wood chips, barrel staves or spirals or ageing in a suitable barrel


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