Top Shelf Orange Brandy


Top Shelf Orange Brandy is a liqueur of French origin combining brandy and fresh oranges to make a stunning liqueur.

Add essence and 645ml Alcohol @ 40% to Still Spirits Liqueur Base “A” (made up as per Liqueur Base “A” instructions). Alternatively 200ml Sugar and 80ml Liquid Glucose. Top up to 1.125 L with water.


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Top Shelf Orange Brandy

Top Shelf Orange Brandy is in the style of the world’s most famous liqueurs. Making these liqueurs is simple. You mix your Liqueur Flavouring with its matching Still Spirits Liqueur Base Pack, alcohol, and water.

The ideal finished thickness and sweetness of each Liqueur varies and our range of Liqueur Base Packs are matched to each liqueur to give you the perfect finish. Check the pack to see which Liqueur Base Pack to use.

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