Tettnanger Hops


The Tettnanger variety is a traditional and indigenous hop from the Saaz group which is mainly cultivated around Tettnanger on Lake Constance Germany. The unique combination of the favorable climate at Lake Constance and sandy clay soils from the Ice-age produces a very fine aroma. This variety has a good tolerance to plant diseases. Tettnanger is widely used in lager beer styles. Pedigree: Traditional German landrace variety Aroma Mild and pleasant; slightly spicy.

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Tettnanger Hops

Alpha Acid: 3.4%

Purpose: Aroma

Typical Brewing Style: German Lagers, particularly Bavarian styles, Weissbiers, and German or Belgian ales.

Possible Substitution: Gr. Spalter, US Tettnanger, US Saaz, or Gr. Hersbrucker

Origin: Germany

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