Morgan’s Queenslander Lager


Morgan’s Queenslander Lager is a full strength beer in the Queensland style often found on tap. It’s a perfect all rounder beer with a clean refreshing taste and well balanced hop aroma.

Makes 23L
EBC: 5.5

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Morgan’s Queenslander Lager

Morgan’s Queenslander Lager is specifically formulated for fermentation in warmer climates. The Morgan’s Queenslander range satisfies the biggest of thirsts be it summer or winter.

Morgan’s Brewing Co From Australia, a country known for its love of great beers, comes a range of brewing concentrates of the finest traditional quality. Since 1989 Morgan’s have been synonymous with superior brewing products for the discerning beer drinker. The challenge of creating and enjoying beers carefully brewed by your own hands has its rewards. It’s the acknowledgement by friends, family and fellow brewers that here is a brew of obvious quality, full flavour, distinctive, enjoyable. That’s the feeling of satisfaction you’ll experience with Morgan’s brews.

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