Ironbark Dark Ale


Ironbark Dark Ale is a hearty caramel roasted flavour with deep aroma and nutty overtones. Powered up with dark crystal malt. (includes 7g yeast sachet under the lid)

EBC: 48 (in 23ltrs)

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Ironbark Dark Ale
Ironbark Dark Ale beer kits are made in Australia to Australia’s taste. A variety of specially selected hops and local premium grade malts are combined to create this exceptional brewing concentrate.
Morgan’s unique kettling also guarantees a superb final clarity.
Morgan’s Brewing Co From Australia, a country known for its love of great beers, comes a range of brewing concentrates of the finest traditional quality. Since 1989 Morgan’s have been synonymous with superior brewing products for the discerning beer drinker. The challenge of creating and enjoying beers carefully brewed by your own hands has its rewards. It’s the acknowledgement by friends, family and fellow brewers that here is a brew of obvious quality, full flavour, distinctive, enjoyable. That’s the feeling of satisfaction you’ll experience with Morgan’s brews.

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