Duck Distilling Tennessee Bourbon


Duck Distilling Tennessee Bourbon makes a Tennessee Whiskey Bourbon that has a vanilla and caramel notes on the nose, a slight smokey smoothness on the palate and a delicate woody oak finish. Best enjoyed on the rocks or with your favourite mixer.

  • Each bottle makes 2.25L or 3 x 750ml
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Duck Distilling Tennessee Bourbon
Duck Distilling Tennessee Bourbon imitates almost perfectly the flavour profile of the main commercial Bourbons. To offer you the most on point product, Duck Distilling source the best ingredients and prepare and bottle everything in a commercial kitchen. We even have a 4 star rating food safety certification.

Duck Distilling was created after we drank a “Bourbon” made from an essence. The liquid had little resemblance to the mighty drink that is Bourbon. Maybe it was because we were used to drinking home-made Bourbon, created from a typical corn mash. Nonetheless, we decided to investigate. We tried most of the essences in the market with different alcohol bases. Needless to say, we were not impressed by the end product.

Therefore we decided to create our own product. With some research, a lot of dedication and some chemistry, we created a recipe that imitates almost perfectly the flavor profile of the main commercial Bourbons.

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