Whiskey Flavouring Craft Kit


Whiskey Flavouring Craft Kit includes recipes to appeal to a wide range of connoisseurs. Advanced users will want to design their own whiskey flavouring completely to taste. The recipe book contains a full description of the attributes of each different flavouring note to assist with designing your own unique whiskey flavourings.



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Whiskey Flavouring Craft Kit contain a selection of Profile Range flavourings and adjuncts to build Whiskey flavoured beverages your way! The kit provides a recipe booklet and all the tools needed to formulate your own favourite evoked tastes, or experiment to create a genuinely unique taste sensation, all by mixing with neutral alcohol purchased separately.


  • Oak Cask Flavouring
  • Sweet Vanillin Flavouring
  • Peat Smoke Flavouring
  • Astringent Notes Flavouring
  • Fruity Esters Flavouring
  • Cereal Notes Flavouring
  • Carob Notes Flavouring
  • Cedar Oak Flavouring
  • Whiskey Profile A Flavouring
  • Whiskey Profile B Flavouring
  • Whiskey Profile C Flavouring
  • Whiskey Profile D Flavouring
  • Distiller’s Caramel Adjunct
  • Glycerine Adjunct x 2
  • Pipette
  • Syringe
  • Syringe Extension Tube
  • Recipe Booklet


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