Pure Distilling Distillery Kit


The Distillery Kit is the complete Pure Distilling starter kit, containing everything needed to make a wash ready for distillation and more!

It features the renowned Australian made Pure Distilling Reflux Condenser – effortlessly delivering the best quality neutral spirit. The Reflux Condenser is covered by a 5 year guarantee

*30L Boiler must be purchased separately

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Pure Distilling Distillery Kit

So what comes with the system?

  • Pure Distilling Reflux Condenser
  • Smart Filter with stainless internals, clever Stainless plug and Premium Carbon Cartridge
  • Premium Spirit Yeast, Crystal Clear, Spirit Enhancer & Distilling Conditioner
  • 30L pail fermenter with tap, grommet, airlock, 60cm stirring paddle and stick on thermometer
  • 5L Pourmaxx Measuring jug, distilling thermometer with alarm, hydrometer and alcometer
  • Six Pure Distilling Essences
  • Plastic Hose Connectors and 4m of 12.5mm clear vinyl tubing
  • 4l Chunk Soaking Pail with 100g samples of Bourbon Barrel Chunks and Whisky Port Barrel Chunks.

We also offer two additional variations of the Distillery Kit including:

Distillery Upgrade Kit:

  • Everything above, plus:
  • Pure Distilling lid to use with the pot condenser or can fit the condensers to other 30L/35L boilers

Distillery Deluxe Kit:

  • Everything above plus:
  • Pure Distilling Pot Condenser

*30L Boiler must be purchased separately

Additional information

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Dimensions 43 × 42 × 62 cm


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