Hop Sock


Brand new Hop Sock design, suited for dry hopping or steeping hops in the boil. Can also be used to steep malted grain, or literally anything you need to use like a tea bag.

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Hop Sock

Hop Sock is re-usable, soak in a Sodium Percarbonate mixture than a machine wash. If you have a heat exchanger, we would highly recommend bagging your hops or if you're going to do a NEIPA or DIPA, as it may clog your plates or even your pump! Rated up to 110C it is the perfect tool for an easier clean up regime.


  • 150mm wide
  • 800 cm long (we recommend cutting in half and tying each end like a sack, or use as long tube)

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Weight .012 kg
Dimensions 10 × 15 × .02 cm


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